Due to popular demand, the Overbit team have decided to give the bonus balance of 0.01 XBT to more users than initially planned. This will be helpful to the ecosystem and welcome more traders to the cryptocurrency space. To accommodate the demand, users will now be required to trade a total of 1 XBT (notional value - meaning the gross value with leverage). Although this change will effect all users, Overbit will reward the first group of early registrants (those who registered between 2nd - 10th February 2019) by issuing an additional 0.01 XBT bonus balance.

The additional 0.01 XBT bonus will be deposited if the first bonus is used up.

How does this work?

You can buy or sell 0.15 XBT using the XBTUSD x30 instrument. This means the total notional value of the trade is 0.15 XBT but you only need 0.15 / 30 = 0.005 XBT to open the position. Once your position is in profit you can close it.

Once the notional value of the trades you make exceeds 1.0 XBT, your bonus balance will become withdrawable.

It is important not to open large positions with a small balance, because a movement in the market against you will close out your trade very quickly. As a rule of thumb, do not use more than 50% of your account balance as margin when opening a trade.

Good luck and happy trading!
Overbit Team

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