Happy New Year Dear Traders!

I hope you celebrated the start of 2021 in good spirits with family and friends safely.

We’ve all had a tough time in 2020 and have seen our living standards, living style, and working environment change significantly. Hopefully those vaccines will work flawlessly so that we can resume back to normality.

New adventures are around the corner and I am so excited for 2021 as I pen my thoughts down at this moment. Out with the old, in with the new! What an eventful year has passed and the new year is here to stay!

We have seen how volatile the crypto market can be from its high and low moments.

Together we celebrated the most significant event on 16th of December 2020, when Bitcoin hit its all-time-high above the $20K range beating 2017’s records - thanks to the aggressive support from institutional organisations.

For the low seasons, the team at Overbit have transformed these challenges as a great chance for growth opportunities. They have preserved my vision to implement educational content-driven executions. We want to continue to arm traders with knowledge and tools to navigate around this crypto trading maze seamlessly.

Within the crypto space, we have a few new strategies and plans which we will carefully execute throughout 2021. At Overbit, we are committed and will continue to become the leading bitcoin margin trading exchange.

So, here are some highlights that you can look forward to in 2021:
1.  Rewards Hub 2.0:
A more robust version of the rewards hub with more games and crypto perks for you to earn daily without physically trading.

2. Overbit IOS and Android App:
Launching soon for all traders’ convenience.

3. Educational Content:
Overbit is committed in providing quality content for traders on a weekly basis on the latest industry insights and trends throughout the year across all our channels!

4. More Features on Overbit.com:
Overbit will continue to update and add more features and trading pairs on the trading platform to give traders more choices. So stay tuned!

We’ve got much more planned for 2021 and beyond, and look forward to sharing more with you as the year progresses on. We will keep focussed on our priorities and always put our traders first. These will certainly continue to be my priorities for the year and I am looking forward to walking this year with you.

So, let’s make way for 2021 and may the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.

My very best to you,
Chieh Liu
Overbit CEO